Dean Innovations now offers a variety of cooking woods for BBQ and smoking. Stop by today to see for yourself. Add some fun and flavor to your outdoor cooking!

Attention Restaurant Owners:
We supply weekly or monthly deliveries to restaurants in the Portland metro area. If you are a restaurant owner and would like more information about how we can serve your firewood needs please call us at 503-281-1637


Alder is the traditional choice in the Pacific Northwest for smoking salmon. Alder is also commonly used for wood grilling planks. This wood adds just a hint of sweetness, and among fish, can be used to smoke pork, poultry, and game birds.

$2.95/lb - call for availability


Apple is slow smoking, yet mild and sweet in flavor. Apple chunks are used in pork and poultry smoking, while apple chips are popular in smoking bacon.

$2.95/lb - call for availability


Cherry is one of the most widely used woods for smoking. A preferred choice among BBQ champions. It produces a mild, sweet flavor that can be used for just about any meat and pairs well with almost any other cooking wood.

$2.95/lb - call for availability


Maple is a mild, smoky, sweet, cooking wood. Best used with poultry, ham, and vegetables.

$2.95/lb - call for availability


Oak boasts a strong smoky flavor while still maintaining versatility in its character. The lengthy burn time allows Oak to be used with larger cuts of meat, or any food requiring a slow cooking process. Oak is an ideal choice for beef, lamb, breads, and pizza.


$2.95/lb - call for availability

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