What our customers say

 Last weekend I had some juniper wood delivered,great wood, dry, burned hot and the aroma was especially nice. I definitely would recommend the juniper.


I purchased 1/2 cord of Juniper on Oct 12th and burned 1 piece last night. Amazingly dry and fired right up. the one piece burned through the night. Wood was delivered on time and the corect amount. Actually a bit more! Nigel was very cordial and made sure that I was happy with the product. I will definitely call DEAN INNOVATIONS when I need more DRY FIREWOOD!

Steven Neer  

I am happy to say I just purchased some pine firewood from Dean Innovations and it is Great!  So dry I barely need to use kindling.  I have a small woodstove and it fits perfectly.  THANKS Dean Innovations!!  I''ll be back for more.

Mimi Near

Got my 3 cords of wood today. Very nice, excellent quality.Good full cords.dilevery person very proffesional. Sorry I didn\'t remember his name. Nice guy though.I was really happy with the split size. I DO NOT like to resplit my wood.Very nice mix. I would encourage anyone in need of fire wood to buy from Dean Innovations. :)

Pete Smith

Great firewood, great service.  The wood selection and quality is impressive.  We bought a load of juniper, split into perfect sizes and wood-stove dry for burning right now.  The staff is polite and helpful.  Thank you for providing a reliable service and good product for fair prices.



To say I am very satisfied and pleased would be so understated.   Yes, I chose to pay a bit more than the other options.  However, I will purchase again, next fall because of the following reasons.

My first contact with you was very informative, regarding wood in general, and specifics of what you offered.  You were personable and professional, it felt to me that you truly cared about your product and your customer (me).  Your communication was clear as to delivery and payment.

Your delivery individual was nothing less than superb.  In fact, if I had a job for him, I would try to hire him.  He was right on time, he called when he was leaving the lot for delivery, which I so appreciated.  When he came with the delivery he worked with me as far as where to dump it, so it would be easier for me to store and stack.  He took the time to explain what wood was what and how hot it would burn or if it was a slower burning wood.  He identified, by showing me a piece of each. He was not only personable, but funny (which is a bonus with me), he was knowledgable and great in communications (rare in this day and age).  It was clear to me, he enjoyed his job and he believed in his company, as he gave me other options of services.  He is a great advocate for your company.
The wood I received, was nothing less than awesome.  Each time I start a fire I smile (really).
It starts right up, I use few smaller pieces (kindling) to get it going, not true with past experiences.

Although all the above mentioned is true, the most important aspect to me is related to my personal health.  I have allergies to just about every thing in the environment, along with periodic asthma, because this wood is so clean (little if any bark, no mildew or mold), I can safely bring in the wood for use and store at a week at a time, without compromise to my immune system.


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